Through-bore Slip Ring

dsti-est24-slip-ringIt is a very popular type of slip ring. It is better than classical slip ring because in classical slip ring it can only be mounted at the end of shaft but through-bore slip ring can be put at the end as well as over the shaft. This very advantage make it better than classical slip ring. The inner diameter can be between 3 mm and 500 mm depending on the model, it can provide the transmission of electrical power and data from 1 to 260 channels. Through bore slip rings are slip rings with an empty shaft in the middle. This arrangement is intended for being introduced with a rib on a sleeve section and it is offering a free internal space for either associating the rotor to a turning shaft of the client machine or for driving through funnels or links not influenced from pivot. The through bore slip rings utilize the best propelled fiber brush innovation and valuable metal multi-reaching, they offer low electrical commotion for high data rate field transport transmission, low contact pressure for long lifetime and they are without upkeep.

We ordinarily call it along these lines since it has a drag in the center part. It has wide applications, for the most part introduced in the types of gear with a turn hub, and the pivoting joint expected to transmit flags in the fixed and unfixed structures. Sooner rather than later, this sort of through bore slip rings would broadly utilized in the new territories including mechanization gear, computerized testing hardware and robotized robots. Around then, there would have high prerequisites on their structures and specialized parameters, so we are giving the new items with the goal that the new structure can satisfy the need of slip rings later on.

We offer institutionalized and modularized plan and completely adaptable items as per the unique necessities of clients in various applications.

On the off chance that you have explicit tweaked prerequisites, if it’s not too much please contact to us so as to make the most appropriate suggestion for your detail.


  • Advanced multi-point contact brush technology ensures reliable contact with low friction.
  • Metal housing for better protection.
  • Integrated structure design, easy installation.
  • Hole size from 3 mm to 500 mm optional.
  • Standard current: 0~20 A,Standard voltage: 0~600 VAC/ VDC.
  • Circuits No.: 0~400 circuits optional.
  • Customisation acceptable for circuits no. , current& voltage based on standard models.

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